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The first editorial was written in response to the 2009 Family Spirit outcomes paper. The author
commends Family Spirit researchers for their creative, cost-effective way of addressing the mental
health needs of American Indian children and their families. He further addresses the importance of
participatory research.

  1. Novins, DK. Participatory Research Brings Knowledge and Hope to American Indian
    Communities. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 2009; 48(6):585-
    The second editorial was published in the same American Journal of Psychiatry issue that the 2015
    Family Spirit outcomes paper appears in as the cover story. The author acknowledges Family Spirit’s
    major contribution to the science of early life intervention.
  2. Bullock, A. Getting to the Roots: Early Life Intervention and Adult Health. American Journal of
    Psychiatry. 2015; 172(2): 108-110.

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