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Contributions to the Home Visiting Field

This article explores lessons learned from the Tribal Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting
(MIECHV) legislation across four diverse tribal communities. Family Spirit developer, Allison Barlow, is
the lead author of the paper.


The first editorial was written in response to the 2009 Family Spirit outcomes paper. The author
commends Family Spirit researchers for their creative, cost-effective way of addressing the mental
health needs of American Indian children and their families. He further addresses the importance of
participatory research.

Examining Drug Use

This paper describes correlates of meth use in a sample of pregnant American Indian teens from a
Family Spirit trial. It focuses on sociodemographic, familial, and cultural factors and use of other drugs.


This paper describes the rationale, design, methods, and baseline results of the definitive randomized
controlled trial of the Family Spirit Program.


These papers describe characteristics of the Family Spirit intervention and its effectiveness in improving
parenting outcomes and mothers’ and children’s emotional and behavioral functioning from pregnancy
to 3 years postpartum.