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Contributions to the Home Visiting Field

This article explores lessons learned from the Tribal Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting
(MIECHV) legislation across four diverse tribal communities. Family Spirit developer, Allison Barlow, is
the lead author of the paper.

  1. Barlow, A, McDaniel, JA, Marfani, F, et al. Discovering Frugal Innovations Through Delivering
    Early Childhood Home-Visiting Interventions in Low-Resource Tribal Communities. Infant Mental Health
    Journal. 2018; 00(0):1-9.
  2. Ingalls A, Barlow A, Kushman E, et al. (2021). Precision Family Spirit – A Pilot Randomized
    Implementation Trial of a Precision Home Visiting Approach with Native American families in Michigan:
    Trial Rationale and Study Protocol. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2021; 7(8).

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