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MIECHV Funding to States


Administered by HRSA • Population size/need-based formula funding, plus special project competitive supplements • States mandated to consult with and address tribal populations in formal Needs Assessment updated every 5 years, which identifies priority communities to serve – typically by county • Serves age prenatal-5yrs • Requires benchmark reporting • Requires use of evidencebased model from HomVee list; may use up to 25% for promising models, but no states have done so • States can sub-contract tribes and tribal orgs as local implementing agencies

Current participation by Family Spirit Affiliates:

Varies by year; states with State MIECHV funded programs have included: AZ, CA, IL, MI, MN, MT, NE, NM, OR, UT, WY – all have used Family Spirit

Time Frame for Next Opportunities

Continued funding contingent on 5-year congressional reauthorization expected in Fall 2022, followed by the application process.

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